A small region with many lakes …

Gnesta municipality has many lakes and you don’t have to look far to find your very own beautiful place to swim. Some swimming areas have their own jetty and changing rooms, and Natenbadet in the centre of Stjärnhov has a ramp down into the water so that disabled people are also able to enjoy a swim.

The outdoor swimming areas in Gnesta municipality are not supervised, and all activity in the water, on the beach or jetty is at your own risk. You are also responsible for your own children.


Public swimming places


The swimming area at Klämmingsbergsbadet is located 5 km north of Gnesta. There is a sandy beach, jetties, changing room, diving tower, beach volleyball court, shower, toilet and a small kiosk serving food. The beach is equipped with a life-saving buoy and life raft. The swimming area also has a ramp for people using a wheelchair.

Staying the night. There are 4 cabins each with 4 beds which can be rented, of which one is an accessible cabin. There are also 5 camping sites for caravans/mobile homes, available with electric hook-up points. For information and booking, contact Robert and Caroline, + 46(0)158 330 14 or +46(0)707 33 50 52.

Dammhagen, Kyrksjön

The swimming area at Dammhagen is located 2 km north of Stjärnhov. It is run and maintained by Stjärnhov Sport Club. There are jetties, rafts, sandy beach, life-saving equipment, defibrillator, toilets, barbeque, grassy area, canoe rental and a beach volleyball court. There is also a covered dancefloor, and various events are arranged in the summer by the association including swim school in the summer holidays.

For more information, contact Kerstin Andersson +46 (0)158 410 46 or email styrelsen@stjarnhovsik.se, or read more at www.stjarnhovsik.se. External link.

Natural places to swim


Lake Nyckelsjön is located 15 km north of Gnesta, past Vängsö airfield towards Blacksta.Here there is a sandy beach, jetties, changing room and dry toilet. Parking is available up by the road, and you then follow the ‘tractor road’ down to the beach.


Laxnebadet is located in the centre of Laxne, approx. 17 km from Gnesta, and has a jetty and life-saving buoy. The swimming area is mostly used by local residents and summer guests in Laxne.

Krampan, Lake Marviken

Lake Marviken’s swimming area at Krampan is located 3 km north of Laxne. Krampan is a natural swimming area where you can find your very own oasis amid the smooth rocks, sand and forest. There is a dry toilet and life-saving buoy.

The Åkers–Trosa canoe route passes this beautiful spot. Want to find out more about the canoe route?


The swimming area at Natenbaden is located in Stjärnhov approx. 20 km from Gnesta. There is an easily accessible swimming area below the supermarket ICA-Strandhallen. The swimming area has a dry toilet and ramp so wheelchairs can access the water. There is also a very good outdoor gym right next door.

Gnesta municipality is responsible at these four sites for the jetties, life-saving equipment, toilets, emptying the rubbish, cutting the grass and water tests.

To report errors, call Technical Support on +46 (0)158 275 200

Other places to swim

There are many other beautiful places to swim in addition to the ones mentioned above, with beaches, smooth rocks and naturist bathing. These swimming areas often belong to a community or private landowner.